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Dear Ed Miliband, I wasn’t sure if I was going to write this letter. I was very worried it would seem as if I were pulling a Bozier (“to pull a Bozier”; verb; to act like a pretentious and self-righteous wanker upon the leaving of a political party entirely for personal gain), but having spoken […]

Yesterday, I was fully in solidarity with the public sector workers who stood and attempted to defend themselves from the Government’s almost ruthless attack on their rights and their futures. Thanks to their birth, and the wilful neglect of the private and banking sector during the boom, millions of British people are being asked to […]

1. Gain a reputation as an anti-Blairite and find yourself somewhat disliked by the Blairites. 2. Gain a reputation as a staunch Brownite and find yourself somewhat disliked by both the Blairites and the Anti-Blairites. 3. Write a blog that is not overly keen on Ed Miliband, and find yourself likely disapproved of by the […]

On Thursday evening I sat, heart beating madly, and watched the votes come on for the Tuition Fees rise. I could hear Tweetdeck in the background as everyone else I knew did the same thing. In the back of my mind, I could hear the chanting from the streets of London that I’d just been […]

If any of you follow me (@calamitykate) on Twitter, you will have noticed a pattern emerging in my tweets. It usually follows this format: Dear [arbitrary object]. [Angry remark]. Regards, Kate. Well, today’s arbitrary object is The Daily Mail, and my angry remark relates to this article If you don’t want to taint your […]

This government has gone to war with Labour’s so-called big-brother state. They’ve scrapped ID cards, they’ve placed tighter restrictions on CCTV, there’s a whole new set of restrictions on the keeping of DNA. Welcome to the era of civil liberties. Now, I’m not going to argue the toss for these initiatives – that isn’t the […]

It’s the third of May. There’s an election in less than 3 days. I have no time for pleasantries. There is a possibility that, in four days time, we’ll be waking up to¬† a Conservative Government. And I, among a lot of the people I’ve spoken to over the last four weeks, am simply terrified […]