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I joined the Labour Party when I was sixteen, and as such, I sort of expected a fireworks show when I joined. In actual fact, I did receive a phonecall thanking me for joining and inviting me to meetings – it was from my old school Governor, who was also a councillor, and who had […]

If you didn’t know, or couldn’t tell, I am an avid (and possibly addicted) user of Twitter. The immediacy of social connection has given politics a thriving base and (usually) a very good ground for discussion and debate. What’s particularly nice is the ability to connect with other people within your own political persuasion, particularly […]

It’s the third of May. There’s an election in less than 3 days. I have no time for pleasantries. There is a possibility that, in four days time, we’ll be waking up to¬† a Conservative Government. And I, among a lot of the people I’ve spoken to over the last four weeks, am simply terrified […]