Dear Ed Miliband…


Yesterday, I was fully in solidarity with the public sector workers who stood and attempted to defend themselves from the Government’s almost ruthless attack on their rights and their futures. Thanks to their birth, and the wilful neglect of the private and banking sector during the boom, millions of British people are being asked to pay the price for the budget deficit. Frightened and desperate, they took to the picket line. Always a last resort, and sadly here, always necessary.


I watched as MPs I knew and loved came out in favour of the strike; John McDonnell, Katy Clark, Caroline Lucas. And I waited, and waited, and waited. I heard a couple of film analogies yesterday which sum up this wait perfectly; in the Chronicles of Narnia, in the final battle where you know they will lose without Aslan, and you wait and wait for Aslan, knowing he’ll save the day. Only there was no majestic lion to symbolise the struggle of the workers; the people waited and waited, and got nothing. The Labour Party failed those who had placed their hope in them yesterday. Ed Miliband laughed at the palace with the architects of his followers’ misery whilst faith in the party burned.

Dear Ed Miliband.

I love the Labour Party, more than I love almost anything else in the world, and I will keep faith in it until the very end. But how can I answer the people who say I’m decieving myself? How can I respond to those people who say you don’t care about them anymore? How can I stand on their doorsteps and ask them to vote for us now? How can I convince them that you are, as I believe, going to make a fantastic Prime Minister, if only they’ll give you that chance?

Please, please, tell me that.

Yours ever faithfully,



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