Reasons to Keep Fighting


On Thursday evening I sat, heart beating madly, and watched the votes come on for the Tuition Fees rise. I could hear Tweetdeck in the background as everyone else I knew did the same thing. In the back of my mind, I could hear the chanting from the streets of London that I’d just been watching on BBC News, and been following on Twitter. I did not like believing what I was hearing.

There seems, to me, a very distinct difference between the coalition’s opinion of the word “fair” and mine. Fair is not pricing education according to standard. Fair is not a mortgage-size debt for getting an education. Fair is not lack of access programs for underpriveledged kids. Fair is not 9,000 students being forcibly kettled, trampled, and beaten whilst 21 men in suits tutted and took their futures away. 28, to be in fact. So what the hell is this?

I’m afraid this is unfair. This is beyond unfair – it’s catastrophic. After all the work done, for the past 50 years, to reduce the social stratification in this country, one paper has taken all the hope away from those who had only just realised they were just as good as the children Westminster and Eton, those who have only just recovered from a culture where education wasn’t for them, and realised it is their only escape from the poverty trap.

I felt sick. My heart hurt. I ached for my little sister, for everyone with the misfortune to be two years younger than me, and to have to feel the brunt force of Tory ideology crashing down on their heads; just as hard as a policeman’s baton.

On Thursday night, I cried my eyes out as I watched heartbroken kids chant “The Tories fucked our lives”, because it’s true, and they have a right to be angry. The Tories, among whose number Nick Clegg and the rest of the “Liberals” who walked through the aye door without even casting their eyes at the students in the crush outside are definitely counted, have. And there’s only one solution.

I dried my eyes, and I picked up my phone. I watched as the Twitpics flowed, image after image of torn, burnt Liberal Democrat membership cards. And I mobilized. I rang every member in the North West whose email address was missing from my list. I rang and tried to get a server so I could email them all. I sat, rearranging spreadsheets, ringing round, desperate to mobilize a mass group of young, and undoubtedly angry activists, to change something.

My sister is 13 years old. She can’t do this for herself – she barely even realises what’s just happened, that whilst she was busy doing her Art homework in her dressing gown someone decided to treble the trouble she’s going to have in life – just because she’s in our family, from our background. I won’t stand for that. I won’t stand for anything like that. I know the tuition fee rise may not affect me personally. But I’m not fighting for myself; that’s not the way of the Labour Party, not at all. I’m fighting for the people who can’t fight for themselves.

We overturned the poll tax. So get out on the streets, out onto Social Media. Join the Labour Party. Grit your teeth and raise your placard and tell the Government that we aren’t standing for it. They aren’t fighting for their children; we are. And that makes us better people than them. So go on. Go.


3 Responses to “Reasons to Keep Fighting”

  1. Pfft, such misinformed drivel.

    It was your party who caused the tuition fee rise by giving ‘media studies’, and other courses requiring zero intellectual ability ‘degree’ status, and turning polytechnics into ‘universities’. This followed the closing of the grammar schools, which has done untold damage, and a deliberate dumbing-down of education caused by both parties, which made degrees a requirement for jobs that would previously have required only A-levels.

    This dumbing-down is evident in your writing. No, I’m not trying to be nasty, and I am not too much older than you myself, but I had to self-teach myself what I should’ve been taught at school. It is clear that the intellectual standards of even many graduates is shocking, and that half of students should not even be at university! I mean, people come out of schools with A’s in GCSE English without even knowing the basics of English grammar nowadays! For example, I don’t ever remember learning about Grammatical Cases etc in any real detail, or how English developed as a language. Instead I was taught how to put a condom on a plastic phallus, and about myriad religions, none of which I really cared about…

    As a result, this country is no longer a meritocracy. Instead, many public sector organisations have quotas for the percentages of women, ethnic people, and homosexuals they should employ! Its the same in politics, with Cameron fielding several semi-attractive young women in many constituencies instead of anybody of substance (I believe quotas were involved here, too!). And I see you are Labour’s candidate for Didsbury East in 2012… Really!? What life experience does an 18-year-old student actually have…? Before the smearing of which lefties are so fond of begins: no, I am not a racist or a misogynist, but whoever is best for a certain role should be the one to win that role. Simples.

    P.S. I’m not a Tory, and certainly not a socialist 😉

  2. Only someone with zero intellect would think that a media studies degree requires zero intellect. Whether or not they’re worthwhile is another matter, but such a stupid statement completely undermines any credibility your point may have had

  3. Additionally, I would recommend that someone wanting to attack based on ‘standards’ and who lowers themselves to the loathsome tactic of criticising someone else’s grammar embarrass themselves by randomly using uppercase or indeed, make the primary school error of following a comma with the word ‘and’. Silly boy.

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