Dear The Daily Mail


If any of you follow me (@calamitykate) on Twitter, you will have noticed a pattern emerging in my tweets. It usually follows this format:

Dear [arbitrary object]. [Angry remark]. Regards, Kate.

Well, today’s arbitrary object is The Daily Mail, and my angry remark relates to this article

If you don’t want to taint your eyes with it, it is basically a scornful report on how Gordon Brown still wears a suit, even on weekends out with his boys (oh the shame!) complete with picture. It then goes on to point out that this wasn’t a weekend out but was in fact an official opening of an event. Um…

I think this article summarizes everything that I despise about the Daily Mail. This isn’t the first time they’ve made the focus of their political criticism clothing – in fact, they do it regularly. Sarah Brown’s trip to a Women’s Summit in a temple resulted in – instead of an article on the women’s summit itself – an article on how ugly her feet are. Welcome to 21st Century Feminism.

I don’t see why a national newspaper that isn’t considered a tabloid can see this as a story worthy of publishing, and what’s more can see any way in which it’s their – or the public’s – business. More importantly than political allegiances or anything else, can we not just leave the poor man be? To quote him, though it makes me teary to do so, he has been humiliated enough.

Dear Gordon. I’m glad you look so happy and calm now. Don’t stop wearing your suit. Much love, Kate.


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  1. Good outline. I love see clearly Martha

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