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I joined the Labour Party when I was sixteen, and as such, I sort of expected a fireworks show when I joined. In actual fact, I did receive a phonecall thanking me for joining and inviting me to meetings – it was from my old school Governor, who was also a councillor, and who had […]

If any of you follow me (@calamitykate) on Twitter, you will have noticed a pattern emerging in my tweets. It usually follows this format: Dear [arbitrary object]. [Angry remark]. Regards, Kate. Well, today’s arbitrary object is The Daily Mail, and my angry remark relates to this article If you don’t want to taint your […]

This government has gone to war with Labour’s so-called big-brother state. They’ve scrapped ID cards, they’ve placed tighter restrictions on CCTV, there’s a whole new set of restrictions on the keeping of DNA. Welcome to the era of civil liberties. Now, I’m not going to argue the toss for these initiatives – that isn’t the […]