Solidarity Forever…


If you didn’t know, or couldn’t tell, I am an avid (and possibly addicted) user of Twitter. The immediacy of social connection has given politics a thriving base and (usually) a very good ground for discussion and debate. What’s particularly nice is the ability to connect with other people within your own political persuasion, particularly those you aren’t likely to meet down the pub on a Saturday night.

However, perhaps the worst part of Twitter is what limiting yourself to 140 characters creates – reactionary-ism. You cannot really carry yourself across (particularly if you waffle as much as I do) in such a short amount of space, and so you go for the extremes of your argument to get your point across. If everyone spoke in the tones or subject matter they did on Twitter, we’d assume the whole population had turned evangelical.

Bearing this in mind, it’s probably easier to understand how you can start arguing with someone who, on the whole, you agree with. And so I am brought, almost painfully, to the Labour Leadership Election. I’m not going to talk about the candidates I like, or the candidates I dislike, because that’s not what’s important – what’s important is this seems to be what’s important to everyone else.

As I type, my Tweetdeck pops up in the corner of my screen with an argument between a David Miliband and an Ed Miliband follower. I despair.

What needs to be remembered at this point, and at every point, is that we are one party. I’m not going to turn against people who I am fighting on the same side as just because they’re supporting a different person for leader of that same fighting side. What the Labour Party desperately needs right now is unity and cohesion, and to bear in mind that in two months, we will all be on the same team again. To really beat back this unholy alliance of a Government, what needs to be maintained above all is that we are principled and together as one against a much greater evil.

Roll on September 25th, when I shall greet whatever leader arrives with 100% of my support, and I bloody well hope everyone else will too.


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